Not enough Fruit…

Once there were 3 men lost in wilderness.  They were very hungry and all they had left was 1 apple.

They decided to ask God for a Miracle and He responded to them…

“I will see the Wisdom in your request and respond to you accordingly.”

God then asked them each what it was that they could ask from Him in order to alleviate their problem and that they all be fed.

The First Man said, “You could make more food appear!”

To which God responded, “This would be a request with no Wisdom.  For you see, I am not a Magician nor am I a Genie that grants wishes.  I do not solve humankind’s problems with Magic.  Humankind must put forth some effort.”

The Second One said, “Then you could make the Apple grow bigger so that it would be enough for us all.”

God then responded, “No, the solution is not to ask for more of what you have to fix problems.  Humankind is never satisfied and thus, it would never be enough.”

The Third Man then said, “My Lord, although we are hungry, we are also Prideful.  I ask that you make us small so that then the fruit would be more than enough.”

To this God said, “Your request is the correct one…for when Humankind Humbles itself and makes itself small before my eyes, they shall see their Prosperity.”

We are always looking for others to solve our Problems.  We look for an easy way out. 

When we ask God for something, we want Him to fix it instantaneously.  But the sad truth is that more often than not, we do not recognize our Great Need of Him.

That is why many times it seems that He does not listen to us, but we ask without casting our Pride Aside. 

We are Selfish, Opportunistic Users, and we always want everything for US.

We shall be happy the day that we learn that the way to ask from God, to seek from Him, is with Humility.  Recognizing that we are weak and the Great Need that we have of Him. 

When we remember Him each and every single day and we learn to be Thankful, Grateful, for all that He gives us. 

Then we shall receive the Blessings that He wants to give us and Does give Us. 

You want something and you lack it; so you kill.
You have an ambition that you cannot satisfy; so you fight to get your way by force.
It is because you do not pray that you do not receive;  when you do pray and do not receive,
it is because you prayed wrongly, wanting to indulge your passions (James 4:2-3)

Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls (Matthew 11:29)

Gracias, Padre, por compartir….

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