A Public Service for a “Public Service Announcement”

It is no secret that I am a Huge Deacon Dodger Fan!

Sadly, it had been a while since I had visited his site, but I did so tonight. 

I didn’t have much time, my attention span was quite low, I was trying to multi-task – something that we are all becoming all too good at 😕 – with Babies all around, but I decided that I’d click on the link here on my page…I am so glad that I did!

His piece is short and sweet! 

Perfect for those of us who want to nourish ourselves with some good, spiritual, food for thought, inspiring reading, but are totally drained, tired, and blah, blah, blah…

What I am saying is that it really and truly hit the spot! 

Check it out here

Okay, it just dawned on me, what if you’re reading THIS and this page happens to be your last click of the day?! 

Deacon Dodger, I am going to C&P your “Public Service Announcement” as a Public Service for those Last Click of the Day, Clickers…   


A public service announcement: “I have overcome the world”- Jesus Christ


Commenting on a tragedy earlier this year, the tragedy being a suicide and it’s impact on the lives of those who are connected to one who took his own life, someone wrote: “We do[n]’t need to be holy Joes or spiritual superstars to live this way; the Bible wasn’t written for holy Joes and spiritual sup[e]rstars. It was written for ordinary people who need an extraordinary God and are willing to trust Him. In John 16:33, Jesus says, “In this world, you WILL have trouble. But take heart! I HAVE overcome the world!”

As we enter this time of year, which is so damn difficult for so many people for a lot of reasons, let’s think about what we celebrated yesterday by our observance of Mary’s Immaculate Conception: in Christ Jesus God has done something extraordinary for you, which is why you don’t have to be a spiritual superhero and are liberated to be who God made and redeemed you to be – this is what we call sanctification. Now, you can take this as so much spiritual pabulum, or reduce it to a sentimental thought by someone you think hasn’t been there, or you can see for yourself if it is really Good News. Frankly, if this isn’t what Advent and Christmas are about, then as far as I’m concerned we can call the whole thing off.

מרנא תא


‘Nough Said!

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