Thank You and I Apologize…

First off, I want to apologize…

Things have gotten so busy that I have not set aside time to write.  While that is not an excuse, it is actually a reason.

I need to once again set a type of routine that will allow me to share with you all.

The reason I feel so committed is because there are actually more than a handful of you that come daily and check out my rants…For this I thank you once again. 

Also, I know from First-hand experience that we are very comforted when we discover that we are not alone…though we are Never truly alone, it sure feels like it at times…and to know, to read that someone else feels or is going through something similar to us, it gives us solace…And if I can offer that to you, then I am honored and fulfilled.

Once again, I apologize and I am working on sharing something quite Magnificent by Father Mario.  I just have to convert it so that it doesn’t eat up all my Media Space and I will share it with you all…So, I guess, I’ll keep you Posted  😉

And thanks again…

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