Never give up…

Are you all waiting for Father Mario’s Homily of this Past week?

I have to tell you, it was a Tear-Jerker…

Well, I am too!

I have the Video…I am just waiting on a few other things, and as soon as I get them…YOU will get it too!

That first sentence seems rather convoluted, doesn’t it?

I guess I’m just tired…but if I don’t update you all now, then, when??

Don’t give up on me…

Don’t give up on Hope…

Though many things, people, situations, circumstances…may be pointing to Just Giving Up…because it’s too hard, because you’re the only one working and trying and giving it your all…because it’s Thankless, there is no Gratitude, Appreciation and/or Acknowledgment in what you do or Strive to do…

Don’t stop.  Keep going.

Don’t give up, PERIOD!

I mean look at me…Ramblings…Empty Posts…Days without so much as a word…But you come back…You come back as do I because maybe, just maybe one day there may be something worthwhile, something of value, something even Life Changing…Like Faith, Hope and Love…

I will leave you all with this…I need it, and you may too…

Strive For Virtue

Resolve never to give up praying and striving for virtue, no matter how many times you fall.

— from Be Holy: A Catholic’s Guide to the Spiritual Life


2 thoughts on “Never give up…

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  1. Dios Nuestro Señor te dé fuerzas y mucha fortaleza para que sigas adelante. Ofrecele tus sacrificios a Nuestro Padre para que el Espíritu Santo te ílumine y ayude siempre.
    Love you.


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