400 Americans have More Wealth than 1/2 of ALL Americans, COMBINED!

Hats off to you, Wisconsin

As Michael Moore said:

Thank You, Wisconsin!


As you know, I am an American by Birth.  I have not been an American by Pride for a while…Hence my Post, “Turn It On, Turn It Off.”

I just came across this Video on MoveOn.org

I have been a member for quite a while…I may not be in the US, but I still need to know what goes on there, my Family is there…my Friends are there…my Heart will always be there…

After all, I am a Valley Girl, like Totally…

I am Inspired…I am filled with Hope for Our Country!  People are finally waking up and realizing that they have a Voice!

1 Person, 1 Vote!  DUH! 

It is Crucial for Americans to take over the Country once more…It is crucial for the Entire World.

Make it once again:

The United States Of America

No longer:

The Corporate States Of America

Just as Egypt has Inspired many People to Speak Up…

Wisconsin is Speaking Up…Standing Up and making their Voices Heard!

We. Have. Had it!

It’s Crucial, as I said, that The People regain their Nation, for then the Entire World, the Proletarians of the World, will see that we too have Rights to Home, Health, Wealth, Dignity and Happiness!

Thank you, Wisconsin!  And Thank you Michael Moore for not stopping.  Never stopping. 

Don’t Ever Stop…

Oh, and for those of you who may wonder WHY This Post is under my Category of Catholicism…

Michael Moore is an Active, Practicing, Proud Catholic Christian who is Not Afraid to live out The Beatitudes!  The Challenges from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. 

Which by the way is the Video Series that I am working on, just waiting to get Father Mario’s PPTs, and will share with you all, soon, I HOPE!