Thank You, Youth!

There is nothing that gets my Spirits up quicker than being surrounded by the Optimism and Energy of our Youth!

To see their Gifts, their Attributes, their Potential…

To know that I…flawed, imperfect, mistake-ridden as I am, can somehow help them to avoid making many – I wish ALL – of the mistakes that I have made…That is, well, Selfish Redemption on my part!

Thank you, Guys, for allowing me to share with you the bit of experience and bit of knowledge that God has allowed me to obtain.

Thank you, Parents for trusting me with their formation…Umm, you may want to think about it though 😉

And for those Mom’s that thanked me, as I said, Thank YOU and Thank Our Lord for the gift of the rEVOLutionary, Unsettling, Questioning, Ever-Wanting- Change, Kids!

And thank you as always, Vlad, for your Faith in me…

God Bless you All!

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