Howdy, y’all!

I see that I have comments to which I must respond…and I will…Later ūüėČ
I am not making light of them, or making them unimportant.

Truth be told, I am doing something very bad as I post this.  I am posting from my place of employment! 
I know, shame on me…But at least you know why I haven’t been keeping up.

I have been working, my Little Bean started school, I have Council meetings to attend, I am still active at my Beautiful Parish, St. Joseph the Worker…etc. etc. etc…I know, grab the Violins…we are ALL busy.¬†

I do apologize profusely to all of you who have been so Generous with your time that you come here, read and take the time to comment.  I will respond!

At this moment, I just have to share with you all this that I saw as I was checking emails:

Now I don’t know about you all…but I loathe the Generalizations that Women are good with Words and Men are good with Numbers.

That is so limiting, so Sexist, so IRKSOME!

Apparently Forever 21 released this shirt and due to complaints (YAY) they have taken them off the shelves, in CANADA! What about the US? 
Come on now, my Fellow Americans, do we REALLY want to propagate this belief among our Youth?

What harm is there in a shirt like this? It’s cute. It’s funny.

Normally, yeah, I would probably agree with you…not now.

What has changed? That many people don’t see the humor anymore. There exist many individuals that see it as a True Joke. Meaning that it’s funny, because it’s True¬† (Sidenote, that just reminded me of that character in Family Guy, ah the Beauty of Television…you got the sarcasm there, right?).

When you read the article regarding this T-Shirt here, you will see what the “trend” is becoming and the dangers that it this trend may bring.

It may not be spelled out for the benefit of those who are becoming so accustomed to being spoon-fed, but for the rest of you, I do hope you pick up on it.

For those that fall in the prior¬†group, if we keep propagating that Looks are all you need to get by, that you don’t have to have a Brain if you’re pretty, and any and all of these horrid beliefs, where is that going to lead our Youth? What is it going to do to our Society?

We have been fighting this battle too long and too hard to lose any gains, which are not many, that we have accomplished.

Women are not Ornaments. Women are not to be Objectified. Women are not Trophies.

Men can and should respect and treat Women as their fellow Human Being. We are to Complement one another, not degrade, berate, demean, belittle,  or humiliate one another. 

But it’s only a T-Shirt!

What about the one that was pulled at JC Penney?  I am too pretty to do homework? 

This is how it starts…this is how we plant a seed in people’s heads and slowly, via different media, jokes, friends, etc. we water this seed and make it grow, flourish and ultimately destroy Human Dignity and Worth.

Let us speak up when we see “cutesy” things like this.¬† Let us look at the Long-Term Dangers and Risks to our Society, to our Youth, to Ourselves…

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