Injustice at Home

Earlier today, I came across this story

Please do stop by and take the time to read it.

But don’t stop there…DO Something about it, please.

As I stated on my Page:

I do not agree with the Right to Bear Arms. I am NOT a Gun Advocate, far from it.
I do Believe in the Greatness of our Country and Our Beloved and Blessed Constitution and its Amendments.

I Do Believe that it should be upheld, even the Second Amendment, and that ALL People should enjoy the Rights Granted by this Constitution and that NO Individual should fall Victim to Illegal Search and Seizure…Due Process, People!

Thus, Please Read this.

But again, do not stop there…Contact Spencer Lowell’s Senator, the Congress Representatives of the State of Washington, YOUR Congress Representatives.

We CANNOT allow for this to happen, for as Dr. Martin Luther King said from Birmingham Jail back in April of ’63:

“Injustice ANYWHERE is a threat to Justice EVERYWHERE.”


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