Everyday Fascinations

If you have seen my Facebook Page (Shameless Self-Promotion, I know), then you know that I try to share with you the Minute Meditations that I receive in my Inbox daily.

Well the one below I would have normally put on my FB Page, but I just had to say something more on it.  Thus, I will torture you here!

Everyday Fascinations

Rainbows and whatever fascinations are unique to you are reminders to be attentive to the things we take for granted and the everyday fascinations they might hold.

— from Already There

How easily and how quickly we dismiss the little things!
It was not until I read this Minute Meditation that I was reminded…

Yes! It is through my Fascinations, my Tiny Joys, my Simple Pleasures, that I DO take for granted, that I can see God!

You see, if I sit down and truly contemplate that which fascinates me, if I ponder upon its intricacies, its details, its Sublime Perfection that These will lead me to its Creator.  Who just so happens to be My Creator, and Your Creator and the Creator of ALL Things!  Our Lord, The Word. Who Was, Is and Always Will Be, World Without End, EH-MEN!

God IS Good!

How He Loves Us!

This morning it is raining.  It’s dark, it’s cloudy…by all means what most of us, and even I would sometimes call a Gloomy Day!

But for some reason, this morning the Rain seemed so Beautiful!

It was so dark. A dark gray with shades of white streaking every so often in the most nonuniform of patterns.  The air was Warm and filled with my favorite scent.  Tierra Mojada.  Wet Earth.  The scent wafts through the air into your nostrils filling your lungs and soul with the delicious taste of almost adobe,  a clay-like…a hollowness, that melts in your mouth and coats your tongue with richness.

As I drove, the Headlights on the vehicles shone like rays of magical, radiant light and danced upon the puddles in the street.  Bouncing off and disappearing into the coat of clouds that enveloped the city…

People weren’t speeding as they usually do.  It’s as if we all were caught up, mesmerized by the beauty of the reflections, of the crystals that bathed it all, coating everything they touched with their glimmery gift.

The sound of the tires on the glistening blacktop, treeeeek treeeeek treeeek played a melodious tune with the swoosh…swoosh of the wipers and the piddle, piddle, pat of the drops from the sky…

We can find Fascination in Everything, all we have to do is try….

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