Happy At Church

I wanted to share with you something that is sure to Warm your Hearts and perhaps even Inspire you? Allow you to reflect on your Family?  Make you Want to go and give Thanks to Our Lord because He is Good? 

At worst, it should in the very least put a Huge Smile on your face!


Meet Gianluca.

Gianluca started Kindergarten at 4 years of age. 

He was not walking independently or talking – and now he won’t stop! He is now 9 yrs. old.

His diagnoses are Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and Trisomy 8 Mosaic. It is extremely rare for anyone to have any combination of two chromosomal disorders.

The Composition that you will enjoy is an ORIGINAL Gianluca Piece 🙂

He wrote the lyrics during Lent 2011. His music therapist (Julie on guitar) composed the music.

Gianluca performed this Piece at the Special Needs Mass held at St. Joseph the Worker Church on November 13th, 2011:

It is titled “Happy At Church.”


We have been blessed with this most holy child.

~ Gianluca’s Mom and Dad

  “Hope springs eternal” –Alexander Pope


5 thoughts on “Happy At Church

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  1. I cannot add one thing by a comment to make this any more beautiful to my heart or anyone else’s. Thank you so much for sharing and making me so thankful for the many gifts I have from God and not taking them for granted. God Bless, SR


    1. Thank you SR for your Comment and YOUR Amazing Blog!!!

      When we are Blessed enough to see Angels like Gianluca, we cannot help but be Reminded of God’s Love! The Power of His Love for us ♥


  2. Beautiful, so awsome. What can I say, Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, for everything and for Angels like Gianluca.
    Muchas gracias por compartir.


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