Short, Sweet and to the Point

Okay, so maybe not so sweet.

It may be a very, VERY Bitter Pill to swallow…

But, Oh Yeah, Definitely worth the Read.


Catholic Happiness’My Molten Calves.

Thank you for sharing, SR.

God Bless You and Yours Always ♥

3 thoughts on “Short, Sweet and to the Point

Add yours

  1. Now what can I say to this. Heck you did it better than me. Love the picture, well almost love it, as it does bring to mind, what I have done:>) Thank you so much. I give to God all the love and honor for it, as He truly put me in my place. I give to you, many thanks and trillions of God Blesses, SR


    1. BETTER?!?!
      I WISH!!!
      I just had to share that Tough, Bitter Pill. And this is the only way I could think of…I wanted to pique interest somehow…I hope it works 😉

      Either way, He will find a way to put us ALL in our Place…He always does 😕

      Infinite Blessings to You, SR ♥


  2. I love the way you call it “That Tough, Bitter Pill.” It makes me laugh….
    Don’t worry God will bring it to those who need it. Thanks again and God Bless, SR


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