Laughing So Hard, I’m Crying!!

So I am at work.  A quiet office.  I mean so quiet that you can hear when others are typing and when someone walks.

Even when it comes to speaking, we all tend to tone it down.  You see, though there are offices and we could close the doors, it would be awkward, thus our office doors are open.  Because of this we tend to speak quietly, for the most part. 

However, when someone does speak in a Normal manner or loudly, it can be heard everywhere!

Why do I tell you this?

Because I had to allow you to “see” what just occurred to me.  I wanted you to fully appreciate my having to apologize to everyone as I laughed uncontrollably.  I am still laughing as I type and I cannot stop. 

What makes it worse is that I KNOW I have to stop!  

I have to keep it down because I have already gotten odd looks and my Boss has asked me what is so funny and I CANNOT tell her! I am not supposed to be surfing while I work…This makes me laugh more because it is Funny!!!

It’s like when you were a kid and your parents tell you to stop giggling as you look at your siblings, all that causes is more laughter!
The angrier they get, the funnier it is!

Okay, enough build up…

But you have been Forewarned…

Damn You Auto Correct