From The Unborn Child


The De profundis of The Unborn Child

I am the human being denied the right to breathe,
And I cry not for myself but the legacy they leave.
I am the voice in your conscience that cries from the bleak.
I am the words that the world is not willing to speak.

 I am the gaze you will never see,
For I am the child who will never be.
I am the memory you cannot forsake,
I am the life they had no right to take.

But I am the error, the unfortunate mistake
I am the cold shiver that keeps you awake.
I am the touch that you will not feel.
I am the spirit that you cannot conceal.

They may tear me away,
And tear me apart,
But I had a right to life from before the start.

I am the heart that will not cease to beat
I am the footprints without any feet.
I am the innocent you can’t put to sleep.
For I am the tears that the fallen will weep.

Dignity is reserved for those with a name
But heed this my people
So is the blame.

— Anonymous

Source: Robert Colquhoun, author of Discover Happiness with Life and Love
“The Child Who was Never Born” by Martin Hudáčeka
Source: Suzanne Fortin, from Big Blue Wave
~From the page of Tina Mahar.

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  1. This statute isnt about abortion its about miscarried babies. the ones who were wanted desperately and never came.


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