In Case You’ve Been Wondering…

Hello and Good Morning to all (3-5) of my Faithful (I guess ‘cuz you’re bored or truly have nothing better to do at this moment-whatever your reason, THANK GOD You are HERE!!!) Readers!!

I Know You are all on pins and needles (Yah Right!) wondering and worrying as to why I have not been posting!

Well…I have been on my back for almost a week now. 

I had Hardware Removed!!  From my Ankle!!

Tell me that does not sound Hilarious!!

But that is precisely the description of my surgery…Right Ankle Hardware Removed.

8 screws and One Long Plate.

So basically, I have holes in my ankle bones.  It should only take 4 weeks for complete recovery. 

Now, I figured that I would take advantage of this time and just Post away!


The first few days I felt like I had cotton in my head that was inhibiting me from thinking, hearing and seeing properly.  I couldn’t even sense my fingertips properly.

It was as if they were far, far from me…at such a long distance and when I touched them, it was such a faint feeling…Thank You, Tylenol 3!

I had other effects which I am quite certain you do not want to read about 😉

But, I have been off of the Tylenol 3 since Thursday and am Championing the Pain all by myself!  And wonderfully, I can see, hear and think “normally” (as if that was ever a possibility)

Well, now you know and now that my Dearest Spouse has done everything he possibly could save for typing posts for me, I will “Man-Up” and start posting once again. 

Besides, I need my Catharsis.

Have a Happy Monday to all, especially you, Mildred! 




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