Sorry for having wasted your time and mine…



SGK Caved.

Komen Foundation reverses funding decision of Planned Parenthood ~ CNN

Komen drops plan to cut Planned Parenthood grants ~ Associated Press

The reality is they never defunded nor were ever going to defune PP!

But as Steven D. Greydanus  from the National Catholic Register points out:

Now at least many more people will be aware that Komen supports Planned  Parenthood…And it’s been a moment of clarity for everyone about how ruthless the  pro-death forces are, and how sacred abortion and its largest American purveyor  are. I can’t do better than to quote Dreher:

[Planned Parenthood and its supporters] could have denounced Komen’s  decision, but in light of all Komen has done, and still does for women, turned  their ire on the Republicans, the Religious Right, and so forth. But no, Komen  broke ranks, and it must be dealt with harshly. And the sympathetic mainstream  media is helping them do the job. All this reminds one of exactly what we’re  dealing with here: what John Paul II called the culture of death. It is helpful  to be reminded which side you’re on.

Now we know.

Now all we can do is ask…

What side are YOU on?