The pastoral mandate, politicians and religious liberty, part one :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Via Scoop.itFrom The Pews, er, The Computer…

I am of the same mind as Mr. Tremblay…   But I will not be as kind as to ask with “filial reverence,”  No. 

I will simply point out that if Our Lord overturned tables and threw out merchants calling them thieves,  how is it that we think that keeping “communication lines open” with these Politicians that do not hold their tongue to lash out against Our Mother Church, is doing Justice to Our Lord, to Our Faith?

Jesus did not hesitate to point out the Hypocrisies and Failings of the Pharisees, why then should Our Bishops, Our Shepherds, Our Guides, Our Catechists?   In my Catholic Ignorance, in my 4th grade level understanding of my Faith, in my impressionable formation of My Faith, in My Need for Example just as a Child does, in My Need for Discipline and Direction…The Leaders of My Mother Church, are Failing!  

I Pray that they will follow the example of Our Lord and of The Apostles who were not afraid to Set Us On The Straight and Narrow.

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