Nausea Mounting

Only a handful of days left…

But already the proverbial wrench has been thrown to my Mission.

It seems that My Babies’ Dad will not be in town for our “Meeting!”

All I have to say to that is WTF?!?!?

He had better be…that is all I have to say.  We spoke. We came to what I believed was an agreement. Now this?

Why does he have to make things so gosh-darned difficult??


5 thoughts on “Nausea Mounting

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  1. That is a bumber…You’re in my prayers on that one. I love the new look on here. Hope you’ll drop by and hit the “Like” button on my “Weekly Photo Challenge”:ditorted post,
    (whether you like it or not) lol…I’m trying to get 100 grav/likes before moving on to anything else. Right now I think there are 86. Thanks
    Bless You
    I pray everything works out…


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