Obama Has Stranded the Catholic Left | First Things

Via Scoop.itFrom The Pews’ Puter…

“If, upon gauging the dismay of his allies within the church, Obama had truly meant to assuage the consciences of his Catholic allies, he could have done so easily and clearly; instead his words suggested to some that even the narrow conscience clause offered in his first decision was at risk, and his solution looks like a shell game, analogous, as blogger Marc Barnes put it, to trying to force Orthodox Jewish restaurants to sell bacon, but then “accommodating” them by forcing them to “pay a Gentile with a bacon cart to serve pork” for them.”   Anonymous, the “Practicing” Catholic that did not attend Mass, and various other Catholics, including Sister Carol Keehan, could really do themselves and many more of us Cradle/Cafeteria Catholics that are too “busy” or just plain ole’ too lazy to think for ourselves, a Huge Favour if they just sat back for a second or two and really discerned the “compromise” that Obama so generously put forth.   Hiring someone else to do your dirty work, last I heard, still made you just as guilty, if not more so.  Would that not make you the Master Mind?   If I want to “teach someone a Lesson” but do not want to get my hands dirty and I go and hire someone else to do the “teaching”, does that mean I free of any wrongdoing?   Would not a Court of law still hold me accountable?   Then why, Pray tell, is it so different in this case?  Moral Relativism perhaps??   You tell me…
Via www.firstthings.com

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