A Meaning to the Hunger of Fasting

Ever since I can remember, my Family has practiced fasting and abstinence during Lent.


My Mamá Lola made us all fast.  None of this age observance stuff!  😉

The only ones freed from fasting were the Toddlers and younger.  But if you were old enough to ask for Junk, you were old enough to Fast.

We fasted not just on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, but every Friday of Lent.  And to be quite honest, we didnt’ mind it.  We knew that the midday meal would be Scrumptious!

Tortitas de Papa

Mariscos!  Filete de Pescado Empanizado.  Camarones Empanizados. Coctel de Camarones. Tostadas de Ceviche.  Tortitas de Papa y Queso or de Camaron con Nopales!  Even just Nopales!!  Yes, it is a Mexican thing 😉

Okay, now I’m hungry 😕  LOL!

But the best part would always be the Capirotada!

Coctel de Camarones

As I have grown, different regions of México make it different, but I am sorry, My Mamá Lola’s recipe will ALWAYS be the Best!

Why did we Fast and abstain from meat?

We were told that since Jesus went 40 days without food, we could at the very least fast and abstain.

It was a simple response to a child.  I accepted it.

As I grew, I still abstained and fasted every Friday of Lent but noticed that not everyone did.  When I would ask my Mami, she would smile, gently shake her head and tell me “No todos hacen caso.”

Filete de Pescado Empanizado

Just as not all kids would behave, not all grown-ups would listen to our Priestly Fathers.  She would just reinforce that as long as I did what I knew was right, that’s what mattered.

As a Teen who still attended Mass and was fortunate enough to have Spiritual Fathers like Padre Nacho and many others, I learned to embrace many of the observances or the Church, including fasting.  Again, I did it because it was a small sacrifice to thank God the Father and God the Son for His sacrifice for us.  For dying on the Cross for us.

Tortas de Camaron y Nopales

But it was not until Today that I have learned what to DO with my hunger pain!

I read Redemptorist Preacher‘s Friday After Ash Wednesday and I had tears of Joy and Understanding!

When we do fast perhaps a good way to do it is to not just let it be about ourselves but to let it be an aid to thinking about our world and our place in it. When we feel hunger pray for those who feel hungry every day. When we smell food but cannot taste it, pray for those who see a world of plenty but find themselves impoverished and at arm’s length from all we take for granted. When we are feeling empty inside remind yourself how it is God who wants to fill you in a way that food never can.


Emphasis is mine…

And This really must be emphasized.  I now have more meaning to what I do.

It did before, but now I actually can DO something with what I feel.

Thank You, Fr. Jon!

Y que Nuestra Madre Amada Siempre lo mantenga en Su Santo Regazo and may the Holy Spirit Guide Your Every Step so that you, in turn may continue to guide His Flock.


Tostadas de Ceviche

Oh, and yes, I know that for a post that is about Fasting I am putting in way too many images of food.

But, when I got to thinking of Cuaresma and My Mamá Lola, it was only Natural.

Besides, for those of you that may not be familiar with these dishes, these images may give you that courage to try them.

Trust me! They are..Oh My Gosh! Oh So GOOD!!! 😀

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