“jimmied letters” Unleashing Your Dreams

Via Scoop.itFrom The Pews’ Puter…

Writing is very cathartic and healing to the spirit. It allows a side of you that is hidden to come to the surface, and with it underlying truths began to reveal themselves. It is really quite interesting to see how this works. This is why being a teacher makes you such a better student. By expressing and teaching a truth you begin to see that same truth from may angles, and you are then able to express it more thoroughly.

I have been pulling back on my Cathartic Writings…

I didn’t want to bring the handful of Readers down with my Brooding…

And twice today, my Brooding, that which is weighing in my Soul, in my Spirit has been evoked.


This article is well worth the read for Everyone, but especially for Blogger’s.

WRITE! For the Love of God, Write…
Via soulblindministry.com

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