New Addition!

As I typed the title, they popped into my head!

Who are they?

Come on now, THEM!!

The New Edition!

I guess it may have to do with the Fact that they will be close by in April!

Yes! They will be performing at Casino Rama on April 26th to celebrate their 30th Anniversary!

30 Years!


How time flies…

I mean, I know it has been a while since “Mr. Telephone Man.”

BVD’s “Poison.”

Bobby’s “My Prerogative.”

Johnny’s “My, My, My.”

Ralph T’s “Sensitivity.”

But…30 Years?!

Scary thought.

But ’tis my reality…

Thus, in order to keep things interesting, and so I do not bore you all to death…

In addition to my Spouse blogging here at From The Pews (though it has been a while, I know.  He’s been busy, but I will nag him to at least once a month mix it up a bit for you all), there will be some New, Fresh, Young Blood!

A young man who is also on his Faith Journey.

He was baptized into The Church, but has not received any of his other Sacraments 😦

He has not really been active in The Church until recently.

God-Willing, he will be starting the RCIA Program soon!

Look at me! Going on and on…

I will let him tell you more about himself via his posts.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Brandon will be The New Addition!!!

I will slowly change a few things to make his presence felt on the Blog.  And as Brandon knows already, slowly means…S L O W L Y…

He knows I am a Procrastinator.  But, at least he can now Post 😕

I know you will enjoy his writing and I Pray that you will Encourage him.

God Love You All ♥

Oh, and umm, Brandon, sorry about the digression…This was supposed to Totally Be About You!

But as you know already, or are beginning to know, I go off on tangents ALL the Time 😛

Luv Ya Though! 😉



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