Moments Matter shared this video with us.

And as I commented, it did make me Smile and Laugh!
How can you not?! Hearing these Precious Angels laughing in unison.
The looks on their faces as they looked toward their Father…the anticipation…to Joy…the Trust…
I Loved It!
But, it did make me cry.
I guess it’s the Mom in me.
I Miss that. I Miss these moments.
My Babies are growing so fast! The Eldest is 19! She turns 20 this year!
What hurts most is I can barely remember her Baby Laugh!
I can see her. I can almost feel and smell her…
Thank God for Pictures and Video…This is the worst part of having a Bad Memory…
Enjoy Your Babies. Revel and Cherish These Moments…
They go by way too quick. All you need to do is Blink…

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  1. Oh, that is adorable indeed and yes, I watched that video and also just had to laugh and just like you I remember the days mine were just as small and well, of course I had to wipe a few tears away too because they do grow up so quickly.

    Lovely post and thanks for the reblog. I enjoyed. 🙂


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