A Budding Apologist!

Last night I spent over an hour talking with Ticki, my tall, handsome 15 yr. old son.  ♥

I have to share with you how absoposilutly Proud I am of him!!

When we were out there during Spring Break I got each of My Babies something from the St. John Eudes Bookstore.

Ticki got 5 magbooks on Apologetics. 

How to Defend your Faith.  From New Agism, Atheists. 

The True Presence.

The Virgin Mary.


It is a 10 magbook series.  They are very easy to read and follow. 

The way I see it is they give you a taste and tantalize you, leaving you wanting to learn so much more.  And it Worked!

My Baby not only shared with me all this knowledge he is acquiring, but his next read after he finishes 3, 4, and 5 is Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Aquinas!!  And JPII’s works!!

He shared with me that he used to think Napoleon was awesome.  Well, now he sees him in an entirely new light and he knows that St. Thomas Aquinas REALLY IS Awesome!  As well as St. Augustine!  And of course, he is awed by JPII! 

Since he was younger he has always loved debating, learning and discussing grandiose topics.  For the past couple of years he has been asking about our Faith and defending it. In the last year he has really gotten into Christian Rock.  The Screamers and the hard core stuff 😉  And now this!

Yes, I am Bragging a bit, but you know what?  I AM UBER PROUD!!!  😀

I will continue to provide as much support that I can from here and search out materials to send him, of course!  I do not want to let this go!

If you know any good books that are “user” friendly but packed with Knowledge, please do share! 













I need resources!!

Gloom and Darkness can only last so long ♥

God Love You ♥♥

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  1. How exciting! There is nothing like having the peace of knowing your own children are following Jesus. My favorite book is the bible, I’m sure he has been reading that already. Have a blessed day!


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