Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Has Stopped 11,000 Abortions |

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Upholding the law and lifting the injunction against it – has prevented 11,000 partial-birth abortions from occurring.


And recall that the argument was that this one procedure was the only way to protect a woman’s health. It was necessary, we were told. And yet, there is no evidence whatsoever that any woman’s health has been harmed by the unavailability of this procedure. No as-applied challenge as invited by Justice Ginsburg, no Newsweek cover story, no Rachel Maddow Show interview of a woman whose identity is hidden, no Journal of the American Medical Association article, nothing.

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2 thoughts on “Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Has Stopped 11,000 Abortions |

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  1. . .you know i dont understand why people still advocate to make abortion legal. .its murder! they tried to make it legal in my country a few years back. they was such an uproar coz it went against our christianity as a nation. .

    and you just do not mess with angry africans lol.!


    1. Good For Them!!

      I wish we would all stand up and make a huge fuss.
      What gets me is how under the guise of Protecting women and making our lives better they push abortion.
      When in reality it is exactly the opposite.

      Because abortion is utilized as birth control (Sadly and irresponsibly), women can without remorse be utilized as sexual objects.
      If they get pregnant, they just “fix” it.

      And sometimes women allow themselves to be utilized as objects just to feel “loved.”

      Obviously it runs much deeper than this, but I believe you understand what I am getting at 😉

      God Love You and again, Thank you for stopping by ♥


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