Sometimes we just forget to slow down and say Thank You…
Gracias, Señor…

Today I need to write about gratitude. I need a moment to reflect on all I have been given. The blessings are abundant.

I need the time because sometimes I’m an emotional basket case (aka – my life lately) and nothing calms me more quickly than dwelling on the Lord’s provision and the small goodnesses of life.

We’re in the middle of a lot of transition right now (haha, story of our lives).

We’re one payment away from owning our trailer, three weeks away from being home-owners (yes, even though it’s a rectangular tin box, it’s our rectangular tin box ;)) and a yet-to-be determined amount of weeks away from actually moving. The trailer needs paint, a new bathroom floor (thankfully, this time it’s press-on tiles) and the carpets cleaned. My hubs is gearing up for some handyman work and I’ve covered our refrigerator with paint color ideas (yellow and sea…

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