How easy I forget…


They say the first two signs of aging are forgetfulness and… I seem to have forgotten the other.

As much as we love to crack jokes about aging and forgetfulness, the Word of God makes it very clear that remembrance is critical when it comes to the faith of Christianity.

Again and again, Israel was commanded to remember all that God had done for them (check out Deuteronomy 6, for example). They weren’t only commanded to remember, but to ensure that future generations would also know of God’s deliverance and provision.

When Abram entered the land of the Canaanites, God declared to him that He would give his offspring the land he stood upon (Genesis 12:7). Abram’s immediate reaction was to establish a point of remembrance. The Bible tells us that he built an altar there to the Lord.

As he and others passed by this site again in the…

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