The Theory and Practice Divide

On my way to work this morning I was listening to a Morning Radio Show and what I heard has got my poor, feeble brain working overtime.

There apparently was a radio interview that the DJ conducted.  He interviewed a young, conservative male.  From West Virginia.

The only part they played, as one must go onto their FB, I believe it was, to hear the entire thing.
The gist of it was that this young man was against Homosexuality and was being bashed and berated for it.

This young man quotes Scripture.  He again is bashed for it and people of course are basically calling him a dumb bible thumper.
The young man is ridiculed as he tells the DJ that though Some scientists are claiming that homosexuality is something you are born with, that he firmly believes one chooses to live that way.

He tells the DJ that it boils down to whether one will believe a Scientist or the Creator of all things, Science and Scientists…

The DJ responds, almost scoffs, that he believes in Scientists.

Of course we all understand the manipulation of the media and the the Radio Station is manipulating the interview to their advantage…but here is what struck me.

How are we prepping our Youth, our Kids to handle this?

Last night I watched 21 Jump Street.  The movie.

Yes, I love Stupid Comedies.  How can one not?  😉

Besides there is a self-deprecating scene.  Well, more like a jab at writers.  It is hilarious!

But what I want to get to is a scene where the character Jenko, played by Channing Tatum, punches a gay, African-American kid.

Everyone is shocked at what he has done. How dare he?  What is wrong with him? ETC…

That scene, paired with the interview today are nagging at me.

They should be nagging at us all!!

I am an adult and I am unsure at times as to how I would respond to certain situations regarding Homosexuality.

I Love the Sinner and Hate the Sin.  I have and will continue to voice my disapproval of Homosexuality and it being taught in our Children’s Schools as NORMAL!

I will continue to state that Children need a Mother and a Father!

But, what about my kids?  They have to go to school and deal with Peer Pressure.  With Societal Pressure.

I, myself, have issues when dealing with the latter at times. How can I expect my children to deal with it?

Yes, there is Prayer and those you surround yourself with, but what if you’re alone.  I know God is always with us, but I also know that we are called to be ridiculed, mocked, and to suffer for Him and for our Faith.

How can I prepare my children and all of the Youth that I come into contact with?

Theory and Practice can many times be so divided and different.  It is like 2 separate worlds.

It takes a Great Person to not fall victim to the Thinking of their Time.

But what if you’re just an Average Joe or Joanne?

God Help Us.