For those that Fly

If you have been following me for a bit, or if you go back to a few months, then you’ll know that I have 3 Beautiful Children that do not live with me.

They live thousands of miles away from me with their Father.

Each and every day this breaks my heart and I do my damnedest to keep busy.  I try to keep my mind on other things to not think.
It may not be the best way to deal with it…I KNOW it’s not, because when it hits me, I breakdown…

But for now, it’s all I can do…


Give me a sec to compose myself 😉


I came across this article that definitely helps me!  We have to fly My Babies out here if I want to see them, and if their Father permits…Tickets can be very expensive, especially when I have to fly them direct, as it is one of the requirements if I want them to come out…Anytime I can save some money on their tix, I am grateful!

In case anyone is in a similar situation, or if you just enjoy travelling, check out all the websites that Scott Mayerowitz recommends! I have utilized and of course Expedia, but had no idea about Twitter and Facebook!

I hope this helps you out!


God Love You ♄


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