We Can ALL Use a Bit of Inspiration

Headlines are usually reserved for Shock Value, meaning, negative stories…

That is what we get bombarded with on a daily basis.

I have asked and said before, “What happened to the Feel-Good, Good Guy, Hero Stories?”

Well, here’s something that although the article by Nadine Bells quotes Davis saying:

There’s just not a lot of people like Howard[…]

I believe there are, we just don’t hear or read about them, because then our perception of the world may be skewed and we may start to believe in GOOD 😛

Howard. Image from Yahoo News.

Heaven Forbid!!


A place where we smile at one another?

A world where we actually TRUST Strangers??

A world where Hope Abounds?!?


No, no…our media, news, stories providers would rather have us walk down the street clutching our belongings against us, avoid any type of contact – especially eye and/or physical – with strangers, have us totally paranoid that every being walking the Earth is inherent Evil…well, you get the picture 😉

Well, here is a story about Howard.  Howard is a retiring car dealership owner who cares about people, specifically his employees.

Shocker!! Car Dealer and caring?!? Isn’t that some sort of oxymoron??

Enjoy the story, I did!

Click HERE already!


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