Always an Interesting Read

I am a fan of The Crescat.

You may have seen me quote her or share with you her writings.

Well, here is another.

Before you go there and read away…let me tell you WHY I admire her.

She is not afraid to express her views.

I have not always agreed with them, especially on immigration, but I admire her for voicing them shamelessly!

The woman has gusto! No denying!

I envy the way she can just put everything out there and not give a flying fig about how you or I react and respond.  If anything, she thrives on it 😉

In this particular article that I share with you, she makes such a vividly poignant and powerfully valid point that I had to share it with you and I hope that you pass it along as well…

And the title of this Article?, be honest. It’s just Christians you have issue with, not religion in general…


From ", be honest. It’s just Christians you have issue with, not religion in general…"
From “, be honest. It’s just Christians you have issue with, not religion in general…”

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  1. I have long used the term anti-theist. Even when I was without God, atheist, I was not hostile to those who viewed themselves as with God. It seemed to me some people were against, I did not care one way or another. God was not real to me. I was not hostile, I just did not believe.
    I am thankful everyday to my Christian friends, who understood I just did not know, I was unaware. Their faith puzzled me and did not make sense to my understanding. Yet, the living example of goodness, of a Christ filled life, they displayed was foremost in my heart when the gift of faith took sprout.
    I recognize clearly the difference between atheist and anti-theist. It has been 17 years since this awakening when my heart shifted from unaware atheist to believing Christian. Everyday I give thanks, and I pray for other hearts that have not yet awakened.


    1. Thank You So Very Much for sharing this!! ♥

      I truly believe that many, MANY of us so-called Christians lack those beautiful gifts of Understanding, Patience, Compassion, and just the Willingness to Listen!

      Thanks be to God that your Friends did have and practice these gifts ♥

      In what you wrote, you point out what I heard so many times from various Priests…That WE may be the ONLY Bible that Others Read, thus, how we are, and how we live our lives is the Best Testimony/Witness to our Christianity!

      Reading your words definitely helped to once again, drive this home…and at a very crucial moment 😉

      Thank you!

      Another God-Incidence!!

      Again, thank you so very much for sharing this ♥

      God Love You ♥


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