Know any Ex-Hunchbacks?

So with all this talk about the End of the World upon us – thank you Mayans – I have not been immune to nightmares and apocalyptic thoughts.

It doesn’t help to have movies like “The Road” and “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,” among many others, under my belt.

I mention these two in particular as I have had dreams/nightmares that are reminiscent of these.

Last night, well, more like very, very early this morning, I had this dream where we are going to die, and My Husband holds our Bean and I am holding Habbi, tightly, and we lie in our bed, all 4 of us.  He is telling us how much he loves us all…when all turns bright white…

Very much like “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.”
I awoke in tears.
Tears owed to the sadness that My Babies were not with me…Tears at how that would be a “Good” way to go.  All of us, together.  Peacefully, as we would probably be disintegrated.
I KNOW, I can be twisted 😛

I was also crying as I always grew up hearing that “Dios no cumple caprichos ni endereza jorobados.”
God does not fulfil capricious desires, nor does He straighten hunchbacks.  Basically, just because I want it to be does not mean I will get it, in case you missed that 😉

From WallPapersHunt.comAs I sat in bed, I went over other natural disasters.
Meteors destroying the Earth a bit at a time…
The Earth just swallowing you alive…and again, I decided that my dream was the best way to go. One big giant asteroid that lands right where we are.

This way we are together and no one is separated by water, movement of the ground, no screaming…together…

Yeah, yeah, Jorobados, I know…

Earlier in the week I’ve had visions of “The Road.”

I really, REALLY don’t want this.
Oh, and FYI, I did not read the book, THANK GOD!!
Normally, I am a huge advocate of the book first, but in this case, I am relieved that I saw the movie which did not allow me to create all of the details in my mind, which I guarantee would have been far worse, given that the book is more elaborate.

I kept thinking, after waking bathed in a cold sweat, how I would much rather our family freeze or do as one family in the barn did, than live through those types of abominations.

Then, of course, I dreamt of Zombies!!

So…have YOU had any dreams, fears, or thoughts about the End of the World?

Oh, and so you know, I KNOW that only the Father knows the day and hour  😉

But I cannot seem to control my dreams and wild imagination 😕




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