A Mother’s Wish…

How can one speak of Love and one’s Beloved Blessings, our Children, not come to mind.

Also, it’s Family Day on Monday, and mine is Incomplete…

This is for My Babies that are so Far Away…Physically…But ALWAYS, ALWAYS and ALL WAYS in my Heart and Soul…

Mommy's Love

If I were granted any wish,
I’ll tell you what I’d do…
I’d wish my kids were small again,
for just a month or two,
to hear their squeals of laughter,
to watch them while they play;
And when they ask me to join in,
I’d NOT say “Not Today”.
I’d hug again their chubby frame,
to kiss away their tears,
and cherish childhood innocence
that’s washed away with years;
Then when it’s story time again,
I’d stay a little longer,
to answer questions, sing the songs,
so memories would be stronger…

How I regret not being the Mother they deserved…

How I regret the pain that I have put them through…

How I Wish that things were different…

One day…One day, I truly believe Hope and Pray that they will be. That they will once again be by my side.

And I Pray that if I am granted this wish, that I will not ruin it, that I will value and cherish every second, every moment, every word and create everlasting loving memories…

I Love You Pumpkin…Ticky…my Little Anget…

I Love and Miss you Terribly…

I Pray that one day you’ll realize just how deep my hurt and my love run…

3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Wish…

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  1. That day will come.My youngest daughter left me for a while and I stood firm.She had a little baby and now she keeps in contact with me most every day.It is hard to remember that in God’s eyes there is no time frame.I believe he gives mothers the desire of their heart when it comes to our children.God is good all the time and even in our darkest hour He knows our every need.Blessings my friend.


    1. Thank you very much for your words of Encouragement ♥
      They are greatly appreciated, but above all, thank you for the hope 😉

      I am very happy for you and your youngest daughter…May you always rejoice in each other’s company and love ♥

      As for time…yup…that’s our construction…*sigh* Guess I’ll just have to wait 😉 Patiently! Because I agree, God IS GOOD ALL THE TIME †


      1. What is so surprising is the sweetness of it all after the bitterness we have shared.God does know what route to take for me and I am so thankful!Blessings.


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