I Want a Wife Too!

From rishikajain.comBeing a Wife is hard work!

I remember growing up I’d hear Aunts and even my Mom say that they wish they had wives πŸ˜‰
I never really understood it until I married.

Then…as I got older and entered into my Second Marriage, I have slowly learned that what the world portrays as an “Ideal” Marriage really isn’t.

When we hear, or in this case read, the word Submissive, an Ideal Marriage may not come to mind.

I have slowly been learning about the True Meaning of Submission.

Submitting to Our Lord, to our Spouses…allowing our Husbands to Serve us β™₯

One of the Blogs I enjoy visiting is The Peacefulwife’s Blog.

A recent blog post really struck a cord with me.

I many times believe I am being respectful, loving and all…and after reading this, well…I mean, I know I have a lot to learn, but this really gave me a bit of very useful advice.

Hope it helps you too.

β€œI Thought I WAS Being Respectful! What Happened??”