Many of us would very quickly agree to disagree to avoid any type of confrontation, myself included.

However, as much as this may annoy many of you out there, I must agree wholeheartedly with Thomas M. Doran and his article in The Washington Times,
Once we start redefining marriage, where do we stop?
Abuse of freedom leads to cultural collapse.”

We know that one man, one woman relationships often fail; however, many produce a beautiful female-male complementarity, and children to ensure the future of the human race.
As to diversity, what is more diverse than a natural family, composed of a human mother, father and children? When so many children are neglected and abused, shouldn’t we be striving to reinforce stable families where both male-ness and female-ness are exemplified?
Every person is entitled to respect. It is hard to separate beliefs and behavior from the person, but actions ought to be judged, not a person’s heart, which cannot be known. Still, changing the very definition of marriage to satisfy the emotional urges of a select group goes far beyond respect. Moreover, it sets a culture on the dangerous path toward decline, eroding the institution most responsible for continuing the human race.

He puts forth very good, irrationally, rational arguments for those that wish to change the definition of marriage.

Do take the time to read the article HERE, or above.

Oh, and as for Howard Schultz not needing or wanting my business…Great!  Starbucks is overpriced anyway.  And personally, I prefer Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, even if they’re not in Canada 😛

Oh, the link to the Starbucks story, HERE.

Happy Holy Week to you All †