4 Years Ago

Our Habikins turns 4 today…

Where has the time gone??

Soon she will no longer be the youngest any more ..kind of breaks our heart, she seems to get the short end of the stick many times…but our solace lies in hoping and Praying that it makes her a more loving, caring, and empathetic individual.

Nice save there, huh?  😉

Happy Birthday, Habikins ♥

Que Dios te Cuide, te Proteja, e Ilumine a cada momento…

And if there is anything that I hope we can teach you, it is to always remember J-O-Y.




We Love You ♥

We may stink at Parenthood, but we are Trying ♥

We do the best that two imperfect individuals can…

Remember, we Love you, Always and All Ways.

Family is Very important, they drive us up the wall, and we don’t always agree, and yes, there are times that you will think that you would be better off without them, but when push comes to shove, Family is There. ♥  And we will always want the BEST for you.

Try, TRY to never take a moment for granted. Once the second passes, it will never return.
Even in trials, in pain, in suffering, there is a Lesson to be Learned…
Pray that you may have an open heart to find it…

Keep your Childlike Faith, Hope and Love for all things!
We tend to grow up and grow out of these…

As Mommy and Daddy always tell you, don’t be in a Rush to grow up so fast! Enjoy being a Little Kid!

Keep being Silly!  Laughing is Good! No, it is GREAT!! Laugh at yourself and try to not take everything so seriously!

Don’t let what others think form who you are to become.  Always remember God Created you PERFECT!  He Loves You, even MORE than Mommy and Daddy!  More than ANYONE ever will!
Always strive to be the Child He meant for you to be.
Let your decisions, who you become, what you do be led by His Love and Wisdom.

Learn to quiet this world and hear His Words ♥

And finally, there are many lessons more and much more we want to teach/show you, and those will come in time…but do try and forgive Mommy and Daddy for failing at being the Best Mommy and Daddy in the World…

Remember, we ARE, we truly are trying to be the best we can…forgive our shortcomings and realize that even in our failures, we truly thought, we sincerely believed we were doing the best for you ♥

Feliz Cumpleaños, Habikins ♥


4 years



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  1. Que hermoso, maravilloso regalo de Dios para ustedes. Dios nos ama y nos dá cosas bellas como los hijos y NIETOS. Feliz cumpleaños mi niña, Dios te guarde muchísimos mas. Te amo y a toda la familia, saludos.


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