Do You Do This Too?

The Practicing Catholic has done it again!

Another post that I can identify with.

I know exactly what she means when she states:

It seems I have a bulwark, or a giant wall of protection, surrounding my heart. It’s been built up over the years as a defense mechanism to protect myself from heartache, disappointment, loss, and failure. Unfortunately that bulwark isn’t discriminating. It shuts out everything, including all the good and all the graces God is ready to pour out by way of the people He has placed in my life.

It is much easier to blow off a compliment than to have to accept it.

To accept that maybe I am not all that bad.

That I may not be all that flawed…


I was Very, VERY Blessed to have many remember an important date…well, important to me and my Mom perhaps…

I received many birthday wishes, some were deeply touching and made me believe that I may have SOME good in me, but I only believed that for a minute 😉

I have been Very Blessed with the People that surround me.  They are Loving, Kind, Generous, Motivating and Very Inspirational.

However, if and when they tell me that I possess any of these qualities, I blush and point out my Million and One flaws instead of just saying Thank You…


I have to try very hard to learn and not smack people in the face…


So…do YOU do this too?

For the entire read, click HERE.

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