Your Husband is Your MAN, Not Your Child

I know…I know…I am bombarding you with posts today.

But there is so much GOOD STUFF Out There!

And sometimes I truly believe that if I don’t share it, you may not see it…please note the self-importance there 😉

As a woman, I too struggle in how to apply Respect for my Husband in my Marriage.


I kind of get a lot of the Theory…it’s the Application that is a tremendous challenge!

I believe I am not alone 😉

HERE is a post from Habits For A Happy, it is titled, “How to Be Your Husband’s Wife and Not His Mommy.”

Trust me, as I read I charged myself guilty of quite a few of these.

Note, I am not a stay-at-home Mommy, not quite yet, and I do not have the gift to be able to Home school…

I am a simple Mommy and Wife trying her best to have a Marriage where we put God First as this is the path to a Strong, Committed, Sanctified Marriage.

So…yeah…I will continue to bombard you with stuff I find that I feel is worth sharing, but above all, I will share what helps our Marriages…


Can’t say enough about Retrouvaille!

2 thoughts on “Your Husband is Your MAN, Not Your Child

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  1. I remember my aunts and mom speaking about just this thing before we were all married and the common thread was begin your life together as you wish it do be – therefore from day one do not pick up after him.


    1. You know, I too find myself, NOW, remembering a lot of advice from my Mom and my Mamá Lola (Grandmother) that at the time I thought…well, passé…
      How wrong I was 😉

      What you received though makes PERFECT SENSE!!! 🙂

      But perhaps being blinded by love makes us think that it will change slowly and become our fantasy one day… LOL!!


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