God Bless Them

Here you will find 2 different articles that are related.

HERE is the first.

“Pres. Obama praises Planned Parenthood; slams pro-lifers”

I find it a fascinating article by Carl E. Olson.

Personally my Favourite Part is after President Obama has addressed the PP supporters, he ends by stating:

 “Thank you Planned Parenthood. God bless you.”

Wow…Really?  WOW!!!


The next article is about that organization that Obama so faithfully supports.

HERE it is.

“911 Calls: California Planned Parenthood Injures Three Women in Abortions”

From the title alone…

Yeah…God Bless Them…

NOTE: Last statement must be read with heavy dose of sarcasm, not that we all don’t deserve to be Blessed…don’t get me wrong…but to ask God to Bless what they DO?!?!?  REALLY?!?!??!



One thought on “God Bless Them

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  1. I agree! God will not bless what they do. However, we must pray for God to bless them (people who work their and their consciences) so that they might change what they do.


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