Scientists Claim They Have Cloned Human Embryos for Stem Cells

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Researchers in Oregon claimed they have succeeded in producing cloned human embryos and obtained their embryonic stem cells. They have engaged in the grisly

FromThePews‘s insight:

“Creating new human lives in the laboratory solely to destroy them is an abuse denounced even by many who do not share the Catholic Church’s convictions on human life. Also, this means of making embryos for research will be taken up by those who want to produce cloned children as “copies” of other people. Whether used for one purpose or the other, human cloning treats human beings as products, manufactured to order to suit other people’s wishes. It is inconsistent with our moral responsibility to treat each member of the human family as a unique gift of God, as a person with his or her own inherent dignity. A technical advance in human cloning is not progress for humanity but its opposite.”

~ Cardinal Seán O’Malley

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