Still Here…

Week 36…

Officially into the 9th month.

And how torn I am.

I want to be finished and yet I am so not ready…

I have been MIA, as my Sis said for the past few days because of course I would get a horrid flu-like cold and cough on Week 36, and of course it would start on Mother’s Day!  😛

Thank You, Baby!! 😉

And along with that cold and cough, Pelvic Pressure Pain…Pain around my Caesarean scar…walking around like a 150 year old turtle…Oh yeah, it’s going GREAT!!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you All ♥

And if I sound bitter…nah!  Just tired and a bit worried…oh yeah, and excited too 😛

Happy Hump Day ALL!!!

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