After 15 Months, I Have a Bit to Share…

I must admit, I know not where to begin!

It has been over 15 months!! Shame on me, I know. But as my beloved husband so eloquently put it, life truly is hectic with three little ones and three others that I wish to have by my side.

Please note, I realize that there are many, MANY other bloggers out there that are much busier than I and still manage to keep up, more power to them, wish they’d give me a few pointers 😉

But I do promise to try and post. There is much I want to share with you. So much that has transpired. Much more that is occurring…I will try. Quality over Quantity…I hope 😕

Mork calling Orson, come in Orson
Mork calling Orson, come in Orson

The first thing that I would like to do though is to acknowledge and in a way pay a small, humble homage to the man who, when I was a little girl, made  me laugh and dream that all things were possible. He showed me that old and young were basically the same, and truth be told, his way made more sense. I am speaking of Mork from Ork.

Robin Williams will be sorely missed. He was truly a legend. He could make you laugh and cry, all at the same time! Throughout my life, his roles have provided me with understanding, given me many a reason to hope, made me laugh, and yes, in some roles, freaked me out!

Thank you, Robin Williams. Please forgive that we were more obsessed on what you provided than to ever looking deeper into that darkness that lay trapped within. May you now be Rejoicing in Our Loving Father’s embrace.

mrs-doubtfire-1993-80296-1280x1024I have to tell you, before I continue. There will forever be one movie in Robin Williams’ repertoire that shall remain my absolute favourite! This movie spoke to me. His role, even as I write now, brings me to tears. It reached and touched me on such a raw and personal level, Mrs. Doubtfire. How I wished, and still do, that I had a father that loved me that much. How I thanked him/her for making divorce easier to understand and especially for making blended families okay. This character could not have been as powerful without Robin Williams’ genius, in my quite humble opinion. Once again, you will be missed…


Geesh! Looks like I am going to write your eyes off!  😉  Get it?

Last thing, I promise. For today, at least. Yesterday my family and I were able to participate in a Protest March, “PROTEST AGAINST THE PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS IN IRAQ AND STOP THE GENOCIDE!”

It was organized by our Iraqi brothers and sisters, and I must say, it was quite an experience. My family has been praying that Our Lord provide Strength, Courage, and Protection to our brothers and sisters in Syria, Iraq, Gaza, and Nigeria. I hope you will join all of our brothers and sisters worldwide in Praying for Peace.

Here is a video that I would like to share with you. Oh, and I must brag, the last priest when they pan to the right at the beginning, that’s our Pastor!!  That is Father Peter.  You can find quite a few masses online at the Archdiocese of Toronto YouTube Channel, if you’re interested 😉 Here is the Protest March video:  CTV Toronto: Protest March

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few. Only the first one is mine, the others were taken by a wonderful photographer, David Bonyun.

Taken by yours truly.

I must also share with you a comment I overheard as we made our way to Queen’s Park from Front St. and Bay.  A couple were speaking and she said to him, “There are so many different nationalities walking side by side.”  A true testimony of Catholic…Universal.

David Bonyun1 These young men stood right along with us, proving that we are all One. We are all Human. We are all God’s Creation.

David Bonyun2

Present was our Archbishop, His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins, along with other leaders in our communities.

David Bonyun3

This last image was simply one of my favourites.  It just resonated Power to me.

David Bonyun4

There are so many more. Hopefully the link to his Facebook will work so that you can also admire his work.

Well, I guess I should let you rest your eyes and brain for a bit. Thank you for continuing to stop by and not giving up on me.

Hope to have you back soon.

God Bless You and please…Pray for Peace… †

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