Holding On To Summer

Summer is officially over. The weather may not be very autumnly – is that even a word? – but it’s official, the days shall now become shorter.

Arrêt to time flying. Arrêt to children growing too fast. Arrêt to the vehicles at each, well, you see.
Arrêt to time flying. Arrêt to children growing too fast. Arrêt to the vehicles at, well, you see.

Though I love the smells and melancholy of Fall, and thoroughly have fallen in love with Winter, I am quite sad to see Summer end.

In order to hold on to this beautiful Summer, I will share with you a bit of what we did!

First and foremost, 2 of my Gorgeous (no bias’ here, in case you’re wondering) Babies graduated.

The eldest obtained her B.A. in Political Science and Handsome #2 graduated High School!
Scary how time flies, I remember each of their first days in kindergarten. 😦

She looked GORGEOUS and he was absolutely HANDSOME!!! I could not be more proud! She will be starting her Master’s soon, and he will be starting University next year, he took a year off 😉
During this year, I have tried like crazy to get him to come to school near me! Please Pray that it happens!! Imagine?? I would have my Baby Boy with me!  1 of 3…wish it was all 3, but at least 1 brings me hope ♥

I had the opportunity to stay in California for an entire month to enjoy My Babies ♥ thanks to my very generous spouse. Thank you!! I got to spend time with my family and of course My Babies! It went by way too fast, but I am quite grateful that I was there and spent some time with them. Though it is truly never, ever enough…

#3 was a dream! He was funny, witty, charming, silly, loving, and God how I miss him!

Funny, I started on such a high note…but I will hold on to the good ♥  I got to hold him, kiss him, cuddle with my Baby Boy. Can you believe he’s a teen now? All of 13!! And yet, he’s still and always will be My Baby, My Angel Baby ♥

For those of you who have your Babies with you…Never take a day for granted.
Believe me, I know it’s difficult. God allowed me to care for 3 more. He has given me an opportunity to be a Mom again, to have Babies with me. A second chance if you will…and even with this second chance…wow! How I lose it at times 😉

However, all it takes to remind me as to how Blessed I am, is to look at them smile. Watch them as they sleep. So Pure. So Innocent. So Trusting. So Loving. Children are truly Angels and being close to them is a piece of Heaven on Earth.

So again, please do enjoy your children. Time goes by way too quickly. They will be all grown-up all too soon and moving on with their independence.
Take in their smiles, their quirks, cherish their hugs and kisses while you can. Laugh at what they laugh at. See the world through their awed eyes. Hold them close.

Talk about digressing!!!

Summer. I hope you all enjoyed yours. I thoroughly enjoyed mine ♥

I will leave you with these pics of stop signs from the province of Quebec.

You see, when I returned from California, my dear husband took us for a 2 week adventure to the Baie-de-Gaspé and PEI (Prince Edward Island).

Truth be told, I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have wanted, many times we didn’t get the chance! Others, we were too busy soaking it in. But, I will share the bit I have. I hope you enjoy.

God Bless †

You have to admit, they are pretty cool.
You have to admit, they are pretty cool.


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