Just Because I Think We Need It

A Lifeline for Marriages
A Lifeline for Marriages

This morning has reminded me that we all need help. That many of us still feel that we need to be strong and go it alone.

This is NOT the case!

No matter where you are, No matter what the situation, we are NOT meant to go it alone.

Find someone you trust or go and ask a person who is in a position of authority whom you trust, and ask for help. Please ask for help.

We are still shamed in society for being weak.

We are blamed for being Victims! As if it is our choice!

Fortunately, not everyone is like this. There IS Help.

And if your situation happens to be within a marriage, if you feel there is no hope…look towards Retrouvaille.

It is a Peer Ministry that exists to support, to help marriages in a society that does little to promote and save marriages.

Click the Link Above or please go to Retrouvaille.org. It is a WORLDWIDE Organization.

God Bless †

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