‘Tis the season

I have been MIA as this seems to be my new MO.

I do not recall being a new Mom as such time-consuming labour.  😉

I suppose not remembering is just another sign of aging.  Oh YAY!!

In case you’re curious, which I am quite sure you are just dying to know, the littlest has been ill with an upper respiratory infection. This is of great concern to us as last winter we spent every 3 weeks or so at the hospital in order to get him breathing treatments. It was quite fun as I am sure you can imagine.  Having to take your 5 month old to the hospital because he is pale and is having difficulty breathing, putting him in that horrid torture device-looking apparatus in order to obtain a chest x-ray to confirm pneumonia, and as I stated before, doing this about every 3 weeks until Spring set in, save for the x-ray part, that was, thank God only once!

My Little One getting one of his many breathing treatments

Yes, we have him on puffers but they aren’t able to prevent pneumonia and all those other airborne viruses.

We have been offered hope as the doctors say he may outgrow the Bronchiolitis.  My Second did! We can only hope and pray.

Oh, hope you all kept up with the Synod!!  From the bits and pieces I caught, it was quite fascinating!

I will attach a link to something as soon as it is published tomorrow.

God Bless and Stay Safe †

Oh and just as a reminder of the steps you and yours can take to help prevent the getting and spreading of respiratory illnesses:

  • Keep eating healthy foods and don’t forget all the citrus that are in season, there’s a reason they flourish this season 😉
  • Avoid (if you can) close contact with those who are sick
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or use an alcohol based sanitizer when the prior are not available
  • Vampire cough and sneeze (into your sleeve, not hand) when a tissue is not handy. If you do use a tissue, throw it away immediately
  • Avoid touching your face! Namely eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Clean and disinfect common surfaces
  • And most important, the one we tend NOT to do, Stay Home When You Are Sick!

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