Madam Secretary

I have only seen two partial episodes of this series, but I have to say, I Like It!

I enjoy the cast. I am a fan of Tรฉa Leoni and Bebe Neuwirth. However, what has really made me want to watch this series is how the characters, Madam Secretary, especially, deal with the issues that arise.

This Sunday’s episode, the whole dealing with the teenage daughter, well, it hit home. Hard.
How she responded to the daughter…the writers nailed it!!

She basically told her self-righteous daughter that things aren’t always so black and white. The decisions that we parents have made. The mistakes and/or actions in our past.
She tells her that life is complicated. That it is about experiences. A great spiel, really.
The daughter…she’s packed and leaving. Not without hurting her Mom with words, of course. She lets her know that those experiences are what she is trying to do. It is understood that the daughter believes she can and will do better than her conniving mother.

I do apologize for the lousy synopsis, but believe me, some of the last few posts that I have done have been off my phone, and it is no walk in the park! Let me tell you!!
So I do apologize. I do this because I realize that this is quite possibly the only way I can get to blogging ๐Ÿ˜‰
I do ask you bear with me.

Getting back to Madam Secretary…as the scene ended, it took me to various exchanges with my eldest.
I shared this with my husband, and sure enough, as I said that I was sort if reminded of my Pumpkin, he laughed, “Only Sort of!?!”
Ha ha!
And as he and I had continued, it made me quite grateful that Our Heavenly Father is so patient, loving, and merciful!!!
Otherwise….whoo-eeee!! ๐Ÿ˜‰