What Sex-Ed Survey?

Had to share this story as I am one of the concerned parents. Click HERE for the link to the article.

And below is a quote from PAFE (Parents As First Educators), along with a petition that you can copy and paste in another window.

If after reading it you can take a moment to forward our online petition against introducing explicit information into Ontario sex education classes, we would greatly appreciate it. The link is:


From Toronto Sun's Veronica Henri
From Toronto Sun’s Veronica Henri

Why won’t Liberals let parents in on sex-ed talk?


TORONTO – Any time sex and politics collide, you can expect fireworks.

Around Queen’s Park, the combination of those topics is explosive. Anyone who dares question how the government will implement its new sex education curriculum is immediately slapped with a variety of labels: You’re homophobic, reactionary — or just plain prudish.

So much for full and free debate.

That’s a pity, because school curriculum shouldn’t have a political agenda.

The last time the Liberals introduced their controversial attempt to overhaul the sex-ed curriculum that’s exactly what happened. It became a political football largely because of the way the Liberals politicized it.

It’s a terrible pity that people who profess to be so open-minded are in fact the ones who don’t tolerate debate.

It’s not prudish to question the age appropriateness of a sex-ed curriculum.

And that was the big problem with the last attempt to revamp the curriculum. It was wildly inappropriate in introducing sensitive sexual topics at a much too early an age.

In 2010, former premier Dalton McGuinty was forced to back down on the controversial update that had parents across the province in an uproar and MPPs hurling epithets.

Glen Murray, now environment minister, told the gay newspaper Xtra! that rural Liberal MPPs were having difficulty explaining the new curriculum to constituents.

“The right-wing reactionary homophobes just love these issues,” he told the paper.

Back then, now-premier Kathleen Wynne called then PC leader Tim Hudak a “homophobe” for raising the issue in the legislature.

That kind of personal nastiness said this wasn’t about revamping an out-of-date curriculum. It was about imposing your own values on the school system.

Now the Liberals say they’ll “consult” with parents on a new curriculum.

But only certain hand-picked parents.

Chairman of school councils will be asked for their input.

That’s nonsense.

“In a lot of cases the chairs of the school councils are not necessarily representative of the whole school population,” said Doretta Wilson, of the Society For Quality Education.

“They could be hand-picked by the principal,” she said.

Many religious groups — not just the Catholic board — have difficulties with certain aspects of the sex-ed curriculum.

There’s a school in Wynne’s own riding, for example, where Muslim students are allowed to pray in the cafeteria on Friday afternoons. Girls must sit behind the boys, and those who are menstruating sit at the very back.

It’s permitted under the board’s “religious accommodation” rules.

Do you think parents who uphold that regressive view of the role of young women in society will support having their children taught about oral and anal sex — as would have been required in the revamped curriculum?

Education Minister Liz Sandals says while the entire school can’t opt out of the curriculum, parents can choose to take their kids out of sex-ed classes.

“The provincial curriculum is the provincial curriculum, but it’s always possible for parents, either individually or if there’s a group of parents who want to have their children withdrawn on particular topics, that’s always available,” she said Thursday.

Look, this is 2014. Put the proposed curriculum on a website and let all parents take a look and comment on it — not just those parents with a pre-approved stamp of political correctness.

That’s the way to have a full and frank discussion.

If this revamp is done behind closed doors by a select group of Liberal nodding dogs, it will be doomed to failure.

What’s the government so scared of?

Like it or not, questions of sexuality are intensely personal and parents deserve to have control over what their children are taught.

This “we know best” attitude the Liberals demonstrate so often is patronizing and demeaning to parents and is Big Brother — or perhaps Big Sister — at its worst.

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  1. Censorship in the Toronto District School Board

    Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication or other information which may be considered objectionable by the teachers,
    harmful to the teachers unions, sensitive to the plight of teachers , politically incorrect and anti-status quo.

    The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) enforces censorship when it comes to professional incompetence and unprofessional behaviour.

    No journalist in Canada ever really wants to talk about censorship. Writers want to talk about creation, and censorship is anti-creation, negative energy
    which the TDSB fosters because those in the TDSB who commit wrongdoing will use their status to censor the information.

    Ethically and morally, censorship whether it be in the form of silencing students, filing SLAPP lawsuits or using the Toronto Police Force to go after critics
    such as Blazingcatfur, is anti-democratic and communist in operation.

    The severity of media censorship by the TDSB is enough that journalists in Canada have to file Freedom of Information requests on a regular basis because
    this is the only way the media obtains information to express matters of public interest.

    Journalists in Canada have to be very cautious when making allegations against TDSB staff members because the TDSB can afford expensive lawyers to
    charge the journalists for libel. Censorship blocks something from being read, heard, or seen. The TDSB enforces covert forms of censorship such as
    workplace thuggery to silence whistleblowers and (mis)use of the legal system to silence and chill any form of speech which places the unethical in a negative light.

    Canadian newspapers such as the Toronto Sun claim that there is a level of secret behaviour amongst top official Trustees in the TDSB. Other media outlets
    such as the Toronto Star claim that unethical teachers are in fact protected by the TDSB and other related teacher organizations.

    A Toronto Star investigation finds the Ontario College of Teachers, the teachers’ watchdog, shields bad teachers from public scrutiny. This is enough for parents and the public
    to consider whether their child is in good care by the TDSB.

    On the contrary, since the Toronto District School Board keeps unprofessional matters a secret, and because journalists cannot publish unsubstantiated allegations without getting charged in court, the issue of the Ontario College of Teachers protecting “bad teachers from public scrutiny” raises a red flag that the TDSB will never place the priority to protect children first because the
    teacher’s unions and TDSB act in their own interests.

    The TDSB needs your children to enroll in the TDSB school board because the teachers need their salaries. If parents should reconsider, and instead enrol their child to a private school or another competent school board, then your child will thank you later in life because the TDSB rarely cares for the well-being of your children as indicated in how the media reports many of their news about the TDSB.


    1. WOW!!
      Thank you for your very thoughtFUL AND thought-Provoking Comment!!
      I had no idea it was this bad…also, I must look into what Blazingcatfur is…

      Thank you again! And I pray that journalists will continue to risk it all to keep us informed with the Truth…


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