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The curriculum will be in use in schools by this September, is largely the same as what was proposed five years ago, then scrapped by then premier Dalton McGuinty due an outcry by a vocal minority of social conservatives.
And it still has its detractors, though Sandals has said she won’t let religious radicals derail it a second time.
However, Farina Siddiqui, co-ordinator of the Greater Toronto group Coalition of Concerned Parents, resents being characterized as extreme.
“There are some parents of faith, of no faith — from every walk of life” who believe the curriculum introduces some issues too early.
“The ministry is calling us a fringe group. We are parents; we are the most important stakeholders in our children’s lives and we are concerned about this curriculum.”
“We were not consulted,” she said. “The ministry claims that 93 per cent of parents support this” but she says most parents she speaks with are opposed, and wonders how the government can claim it consulted with parents.

Here is the complete article.

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