Life Chain Sunday

This past Sunday, October 4th was Life Chain Sunday.

We were quite Blessed with great weather, no rain this year!

Another great Blessing is Planned Parenthood being exposed for what they are. As good as Cecile Richards is at remaining composed, the truth about what they do, and don’t do, like Mammograms (duh), is coming to light.

I Pray that this weekend’s Protests, Nationwide Protests, help all those who still aren’t aware of what Planned Parenthood really and truly is discover it.

La Virgen de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe) Patroness of the Unborn and the Pro-Life Movement

La Virgen de Guadalupe once helped to defeat the Culture of Death, may she again intercede for us so that it will fall again.

Virgen Morenita, Ruega por Nosotros ♥

And may this weekend’s protests have a great and powerful impact to help save Our Beloved Nation and all its Innocent Victims, Mothers and Children ♥

Amen ♥

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