Winds of Change?

Life Happens.

I have seen many a shirt with those words. Growing up, I never really fully grasped the meaning of those two simple words. I knew the other “Happens” phrase well though.  You know, that other one 😉

Now, as an adult, funny word, adult, many times its connotation is by far worse than the other “happens” phrase…but I digress, now as a grown person, a bit better I suppose, I truly get that whole Life Happens.

And yet, one can or SHOULD rest at ease knowing He’s got this. Leave it all in His hands. His time. Not easy, His time. Believe me…but when we surrender, it is easier. Much.

What is this wind bringing? Unfortunately for you, my one faithful reader that kept checking in, that I plan on coming back…

Image from Life Coach Stephen Halpin

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