It feels like it was not that long ago that I started to blog.

I believed that I had something to share. Witness.
Witness of fallenness, brokenness, failure, and sinfulness. And that despite all of that, my ignorance, my pride, that even through all of that mire, He could work even through me. That His grace IS enough. That He truly is always waiting until we choose to seek Him.
And so, I shared. I share (not consistently anymore, I know). And I pray to continue to be able to share.

I have been through a couple of domains, as the first one expired due to life’s busyness and since it was deemed “Premium,” I could not justify $500 to get it back. I was and am Flattered though!!  But this popularity is owed to you. Thus, I must thank you, for it was your visits and your hits that made my words “Premium!”

I still have, but with the Dot Blog, my Better Half gifted it to me, and now, here it is, FromThePews.Blog!

This I hope will be incentive for me to get back on here and share my not-so-proud-of-what-I-said-and-or-did moments, but how even then, there’s Hope 🙂

I ask you then, please make a note of FromThePews.Blog!

God Love You and I wish you a Very Merry Christmas ♥fromthepewsdblog


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